Giving the Gift of Breakfast

20 Dec Christmas in a Bowl

If there is no joyous way to give a festive gift, give love away. Or food. You can always give food away. Made with love, of course.
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The Season of Giving

6 Dec

So join the LB and give a little bit…

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Colour Me Coordinated

26 Nov Autumn Leaves

At this time of year, you can’t help but notice how colourful the world is. Autumnal hues seem to close in around us like a big warm rust-coloured hug. This phenomenon is particularly noticeable in Vancouver, thanks to the grayscale background of clouds, rain, and fog. Continue reading

Oh look! A new post!

17 Jun Smile

Hi there. Remember me? I do fun stuff and make delicious food and (very occasionally) blog about it. Continue reading

One week

14 Dec Mayan Calendar

Seven days, 168 hours, 10,080 minutes. Some weeks feel agonizingly long (the protracted work days before Christmas holidays). Others feel much too short (the fleeting days of a summer vacation). But week after week, we’re given the same amount of time to use (or misuse) as we see fit. Continue reading

November Rain

5 Nov November Rain

We’ve officially “fallen back” and the dark days are coming. Miserably rainy, cold, dark days. The shortest day of the year is still two whole months away and the two months following that can be some of the wettest and darkest on the west coast. It’s the time of year when people hunker down and hide under their umbrellas, their blankets, and their moods, to wait out the season. Continue reading


5 Oct Pumpkin pie tart

Firstly, thanks for stopping by and reading this new blog post. Secondly, sorry for the lull over the last few weeks. Now that the “assignment” part of this project is over, I’ve been lacking the inspiration and motivation to write (read: I’ve been feeling pretty lazy) but I’m trying to get back into the swing of things.

(Thank goodness for clichés like writing a Thanksgiving blog post about what you’re thankful for. If it wasn’t for that, I might have skipped it for another week!)

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