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First Day of School

8 Sep

My (nearly) 6-year-old niece started first grade today. I am still getting used to the idea of our baby girl spearheading her way through these kinds of milestones for the newest generation of our family. But once I get over that initial shock I think, how fun! For me, the first day of school meant new clothes, exercise books full of fresh pages, a pencil case containing a rainbow of colouring implements, and nervous excitement about the year ahead.

I can only hope that the next 12+ years will leave my niece educated, enlightened, and enthusiastic about learning and life.

First grade is always an exciting year, and it was a big deal for 5-year-old me… Continue reading

A Love Letter to 2014

13 Feb I heart 2014

My mother always says “you can’t love a thing.”

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Stop / Start

22 May

Aaaaand we’re back. A little older, a little wiser, a little busier.
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Seeking Snow

5 Feb Mount Baker

In the middle of winter, most people want to get away to somewhere sunny, sandy, and hot. But not us. Last weekend we headed out of town to find some snow. Continue reading

Why stay in when you can Dine Out?

14 Jan Dine Out Vancouver

It’s Dine Out season again! Continue reading