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Seeking Snow

5 Feb Mount Baker

In the middle of winter, most people want to get away to somewhere sunny, sandy, and hot. But not us. Last weekend we headed out of town to find some snow. Continue reading

Oh look! A new post!

17 Jun Smile

Hi there. Remember me? I do fun stuff and make delicious food and (very occasionally) blog about it. Continue reading

Trucks, Carts, and Pods, Oh My!

31 Aug

Labour Day long weekend is upon us, which means it’s time to squeeze the last bits of fun and frivolity out of summer. To accomplish this goal, I’m taking another road trip, this time to Portland! I’ve been trying to make it down to Oregon all summer and a stroke of serendipity (and two accommodating girlfriends who are letting me tag along with them) means I’m hopping on a bus early Saturday morning and heading to the land of the (tax) free! Continue reading