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Bread with Jam

22 Aug Figs for Days Feature

My grandpa was a sweet man with a sweet tooth. This trait runs down all the branches of his family tree. When any of his seven children and eighteen grandchildren (me included) reach for something sugary after a meal, they know why.

When there was no dessert (and there often wasn’t), grandpa broke out the bread and jam.

You know why?

Because (with apologies to my celiac and gluten-intolerant friends) a soft slice of bread smeared with sweet jam makes your day look a little bit brighter and your troubles feel a little bit lighter. It is simply comfort food.

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What Does $20 Worth of Produce Look Like?

23 Jul Fresh Produce

I love produce markets. Fresh, crisp vegetables and ripe, juicy fruit make me happy. So does getting a good deal. If you’re shopping at a produce market rather than a big-chain grocery store, $20 of produce should look something like this: Continue reading