A Love Letter to 2014

13 Feb

My mother always says “you can’t love a thing.”

Fair enough, but a year is a not really a “thing.” It’s a period of time. So it must be okay to look back on a year with love, right?

I loved 2014. I spent time with people I love, I visited places I love, and I did things I love to do.


In 2013, my cousin did a photo-a-day project. When I saw her slideshow at the end of the year, I thought it was a brilliant idea and decided I would take on the challenge for 2014. Although I missed about 10 days over the course of the year, taking a photo a day became a routine that I really enjoyed. Six weeks in to 2015, I find myself thinking “that would make a great photo of the day!” when I come across something interesting. Maybe I’ll repeat the project in some form in a coming year.

My Love Letter

For now, here is my video year-in-review. My love letter to 2014. I tried to include photos of interesting, meaningful, funny, poignant, and delicious things. The video runs 6:16 and features some catchy tunes. I hope you enjoy it.

I can’t guarantee any of it will be interesting to you, but it warms my heart to watch this slideshow and remember. If it does interest you, I’ve posted a slideshow of all 365 photos at the bottom of the post (I duplicated a few days to make up for the missed days) that you can click through at your leisure.

Thanks for the memories.

Thanks for the memories.

My Top 12

One from each month of the year.

All 365

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One Response to “A Love Letter to 2014”

  1. Cheryl Chisholm February 14, 2015 at 12:41 pm #

    Wow! Supreme 5 star++++, what a delightful story, each pic bursting with a 1000 words, love the captions you added to the slide show. It’s a gratitude journal to the umpty-umpth degree!

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