Home Organization Hacks for a New Year

10 Jan

Does anyone else have an uncontrollable urge to reorganize their entire house at this time of year?

Spring, of course, is for cleaning. And there’s always a desire to freshen things up in fall when the kids go back to school. But a new year means new opportunities to organize, declutter, and cleanse.

What is all this stuff in my drawers, cupboards, cabinets?


There’s a Blog for That

If you’ve got that reorganizing bug and don’t know where to get started, there are (naturally) thousands of blog posts that offer great tips. BuzzFeed, for example, has several posts about organizing and decluttering, written in their characteristic style of easy-to-read numbered lists.

After perusing a few of these posts, here are my favourite tips (what is it about decluttering that makes you want to spend hours on the internet before you actually start decluttering?):


1. Figure out what you’re not wearing

Turn all your clothes hangers backwards at the beginning of the year. When you wear something, put the hanger back the right way. By next year, you’ll know exactly what you’re not reaching for.

Backwards Hangers

Backwards Hangers



2. Hide your cords

The cleanest-looking solution is to hang the power bar and cords on the bottom of the desk.

Power cords before

Power cords before

Power cords after

Power cords after



3. Follow the Rule of 5

Whenever you’re tidying up, get rid of at least five items. It could be as simple as a piece of garbage or an old an old magazine. If you haven’t used in ages, it’s just collecting dust.

Get Rid of 5 Things

Get Rid of 5 Things


4. Get a “Crap” Basket

Everyone needs one! The trick is to make a point of emptying it regularly.

Crap Basket

Crap Basket



5. Hang boots with pants hangers or clips

I hung my boots this fall and it makes me sooooo happy every time I open the closet!

Hanging Boots

Hanging Boots



6. Make a magnetic bathroom strip

It has never been easier to find bobby pins. (Pro tip: magnets are useful in so many places around the house!)

Use Magnets in the Bathroom

Use Magnets in the Bathroom



7. Label your cords

You’ll be so glad you did when you need to unplug that one lamp at your computer desk.

Cord Labels

Cord Labels



8. Use filing racks as pot and pan organizers

No more banging and crashing when retrieving your cookware!

Use Filing Racks as Pot and Pan Organizers

Use Filing Racks as Pot and Pan Organizers



9. Set up a personalized filing system

If you haven’t already.

Organize your Personal Files

Organize your Personal Files



10. Make mason jars your friend

If you shop in the bulk section, like I do, your pantry might be full of random plastic bags and twist-ties. Everything looks prettier in a mason jar, and it makes things much easier to find.

Mason Jar Organization

Mason Jar Organization



Get Started, Get it Done

Even after reading all those great tricks and looking at those well-organized spaces, it can still be hard to take those first steps and actually get moving. This video will make it all seem so easy and make you wonder why you’ve been holding on to this junk that’s been cluttering up your life for so long.


Happy organizing!



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All rights reserved.

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