Colour Me Coordinated

26 Nov

At this time of year, you can’t help but notice how colourful the world is. Autumnal hues seem to close in around us like a big warm rust-coloured hug. This phenomenon is particularly noticeable in Vancouver, thanks to the grayscale background of clouds, rain, and fog.

Fall and Fog

Courtesy Tattooed Photo Guy (Flickr)

Check out this gallery of fall photos from around town, courtesy of Vancity Buzz and see for yourself.

While nature seems to effortlessly create a perfect, organic colour scheme for each season, coming up with your own palette (to paint a room, design a website, or build your brand) is infinitely more complicated.

Green for “Go”

Do you simply start with your favourite colour? How many colours should you use? Which colours will attract attention?

Thankfully, there are all kinds of pre-made templates for websites and blogs that come fully equipped with colour schemes and layouts. WordPress, for example, offers 2,140 different blog themes!

But designing your own colour scheme is possible (I promise!), you just need to start with a little bit of research.

Touch the Rainbow

If you want to learn more about how to use colour to your advantage, Color Matters is a great resource. This well-designed website breaks down several aspects of colour theory: symbolism, design, marketing, the body, vision, and science.

The Pantone blog is all about colour (naturally) and their post about the Rainbow of Brands is a neat visual summary of how brands use colour to tap into emotions.

Mix and Blend

If you’re feeling ambitious and want to design your own palette, I recently came across a few really neat websites that will make the process so much easier.

Starting from scratch

Color Scheme Designer lets you pick how many colours you want to use and then drag the dots around the wheel to find your perfect combination of hues. It’ll give you the HTML colour codes for each hue and even show you examples of light/dark versions of a website layout with your chosen colours.

Pick a palette

COLOURlovers (they even use the “u”!) is a “creative community that helps people discover their inner designer.” Browse palettes and patterns designed by other users to get inspiration and then design your own. You can even browse colour trends for business, websites, and weddings.

Proven winners is a list of HTML codes for over a hundred major brand colours. Find your favourite and use it as a starting point.

Now get outside and go enjoy those fall colours!


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One Response to “Colour Me Coordinated”

  1. cherylchisholm November 27, 2013 at 7:53 pm #

    ….and the forecast says we may see some of the limited edition “winter white” here in the lower mainland by Monday dec 2 : )

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