Trucks, Carts, and Pods, Oh My!

31 Aug

Labour Day long weekend is upon us, which means it’s time to squeeze the last bits of fun and frivolity out of summer. To accomplish this goal, I’m taking another road trip, this time to Portland! I’ve been trying to make it down to Oregon all summer and a stroke of serendipity (and two accommodating girlfriends who are letting me tag along with them) means I’m hopping on a bus early Saturday morning and heading to the land of the (tax) free!


Why Portland?

Why not?! It’s a beautiful city, very similar to Vancouver in a lot of ways: there’s a river, bridges, Pacific Northwest style flora, lots of hip young peeps on bicycles, and tons of good food.

The only thing Vancouver has that Portland doesn’t is sales tax. If the price tag says $9.99 and you hand the cashier a $10 bill, you can expect to get a penny back in change. This makes Portland, and Oregon in general, a fantastic place to do your back-to-school shopping (even for those of us who are not going back to school)!

I plan on shopping till I drop, or until I get hungry, at which point I’ll head to one of the City of Rose’s hundreds of food carts to refuel.


Wait… How Many Food Trucks?

Food Carts in Portland

Food Carts in Portland


As of December 2011, there were approximately 700 food trucks in Portland.

(Those sounds you hear are my head exploding and my stomach growling.)

I’ll be in Portland for just over two days. If you count time by meals instead of minutes (I can’t be the only one who does this?) that’s two dinners, two lunches, and two breakfasts. If I made the most of my time, I could hit 6, maybe 8 trucks (hello late night snacks!). Well, a 0.01% sample ain’t bad.

However, given that we’ll likely eat at a couple of real restaurants and we’ll be out on the coast at Cannon Beach for an afternoon, I probably won’t manage to eat food from a truck at every meal.


Making the Most of Our Money and Daily Caloric Intake

I downloaded a handy app to help us navigate the overwhelming number of options, but the deeper I looked into it, the more my head spun.

I decided that the best way to get a handle on the situation was to (a) find some quality reviews to work from and (b) stick close to our hotel.

After a bit more research, I came up with a (very) short list of trucks I’d like to find this weekend. As you can probably tell from the list, I am a sandwich/wrap kind of girl…


La Jarochita: I hear they make a mean breakfast burrito.

La Jarochita

La Jarochita


Big Ass Sandwiches: fries in a sandwich? Sold.

Big Ass Sandwich

Big Ass Sandwich


The Whole Bowl: their tagline is “it’s like eating a hug.” Sign me up!

Whole Bowl

Whole Bowl


PBJ’s: so many sandwiches! So much jam!




Gaufre Gourmet: waffles waffles waffles!

Gaufre Gourmet Waffles

Gaufre Gourmet Waffles


In the end, we’ll just have to follow our stomachs and try not to over-do it! See you in September 🙂



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