Road Trip!

3 Aug

In my mind, it isn’t officially summer unless you (a) go camping or (b) take a road trip. I’m still not sure whether I’ll get out camping this year, but  the amount of “win” in my summer is going to increase exponentially when I drive to Kelowna to visit friends this weekend.

A long drive + great weather + dear friends = summertime magic.

Music is a key element of any good road trip, of course. And on the “About” page I promised to write about some great music, so here’s a sample of what I’ll be listening to as I roll down the highway this weekend.


The Belle Brigade

Barbara and Ethan Gruska are a talented pair of siblings who come from a particularly musical family. For example, their grandfather is multiple-Oscar winning composer John Williams. Y’know, the guy who composed the music for Star Wars, Indiana Jones, E.T., Jurassic Park, Home Alone, etc. No big deal.

Not that they need to drop their grandfather’s name to get themselves noticed. Their first studio album, The Belle Brigade (2011), is full of “California pop gems” and received plenty of critical praise. The sweet harmonies, bouncy beats, and thoughtful lyrics make it a perfect album for long summer days.

If I close my eyes for the first few bars of this song, I see a tight shot of a spinning wheel, slowly pulling back to reveal a red convertible cruising along some long stretch of coastal highway. The video doesn’t feature any road tripping, but it is brilliant anyway. It made me laugh, almost cry, and then dance around my apartment. I hope you enjoy it and check out the rest of the album!

And if you’re on the road this weekend too, please drive safely!




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